If You Only Knew

Tanya’s story begins when she is in fifth grade. As a character, she was born in 2012 for a Nanowrimo project. the 30,000-word NNWM story (working title: My Name is Eva) only covered Tanya’s troubling childhood which–I’ll admit–was based on some painful events of my own childhood, hence the unorthodox writing style that is loosely termed as “creative writing”. I’ll also admit that writing it was more fun than I thought and very therapeutic.

If You Only Knew picks up in Tanya’s high-school years, some years after My Name is Eva. While it is not as autobiographical as My Name is Eva (Tanya’s substance-abuse problems are NOT the problems I faced in HS) some of the attitudes about life and other perplexities she faced–as in regards to her view of God, family, and her low sense of self-worth–were things I definitely had to work out.

The following is a Table of Contents, if you will. Click on the thumbnail to the left of the title to go to that page. (Last updated 10/2014)

If You Only Knew - Intro Chapter1 – If You Only Knew – Introduction



This Side of Eternity2 – This Side of Eternity



The Leftovers Kid3 – The Leftovers Kid



Love's a Joke4 – Love’s a Joke



Negotiating a Miracle5 – Negotiating a Miracle



Miracles6 – Miracles



On the Couch7 – On the Couch



Interlude of Misery8 – An Interlude of Misery



Hounded By His Presence9 – Hounded by His Presence



The Long Road Back10 – The Long Road Back



Coming in From the Rain11 – Coming  in From the Rain



1212 – Yes, It Matters



Tony13 – Tony



1414 – Prayers



1515 – Pain



16-116.1 – Friends Again



1616.2 – Zuri



1717 – Antonieta



1818 – If My People



1919 – Getting Ready



If You Only Knew20 – Return to Hilltop Church



Mara - If You Only Knew21 – Mara



Alone - If You Only Knew22 – Alone



Alive - If You Only Knew23 – Alive



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