The Leftovers Kid

Terry and I went back a long, long time.

We were both in fifth grade and attended Crescent View. I was one of the many non-entities of the campus. Terry was the pudgy, aptly-named “leftovers kid,” who would spend all his lunch break gorging on the  school’s cafeteria food: chocolate milk cartons, the obligatory weekly meat loaf, the occasional corn-dog, and the rare, prized, Red Baron pizza slice. Fruit cups and jell-o cups aplenty. Bean-and-cheese burritos galore. In short, anything that the others didn’t want to eat was considered his property.

Obviously He didn’t have any friends, and he hardly spoke at all during class. Consequently, it came as a surprise to both of us when (due to some crazy circumstances that I won’t go into now) it became necessary for me to approach him with a business proposition. I pounced on him mercilessly.

“That looks good!” I said, right before he took the first bite of his corn-dog. He was so shocked that he forgot to close his mouth and simply gaped at me in great confusion with the corndog still midway up to his mouth.

Quickly producing my brown lunch bag, I extracted a turkey and cheddar sandwich, a Capri Sun, a chocolate-chip cookie, and a bag of Doritos. “Wanna trade?”

By now he was past the initial shock, and he assumed a very suspicious look.

“What’s wrong with it?” He said

“Nothing’s wrong with it. I just feel like eating corn-dogs today” I glanced over his shoulder and saw my friends coming, “Hurry! You want it or not?”

He eyed the Doritos greedily. “Them too?”

“Uhh…yeah. But you gotta give me the chocolate milk”


The first transaction was complete—the first of many more for the remainder of the school year. Aside from the lunch-trading during fifth grade, however, there was nothing to justify us becoming friends in High School. But so it happened. Terry who had been the leftovers kid, was now Terry the Librarian Assistant. Just like me.

And he was the only friend I had in school, now that I was no longer “normal.”


part 3 of If You Only Knew

– – –

Word Count: 349
If You Only Knew, Part 3


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