My name is Paula.

I lead a very quiet type of life, so when it comes to “About Me” there are the general things and then I have nothing much to share about ME, really.

Tree is my blog for sharing the only thing about my life worth talking about: What GOD has done for me, and what I am learning as I look to him. Plus, I’ve been working on a collection of essays for a book that I don’t know how to market yet, so I’ll be putting them here occasionally, as well as fiction work.





16 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the reblog and kind comments, here is one that I wrote as a song, you are welcome to put your own music to it. God Bless, Mike.


    Strung out on a cross
    So pale and helpless
    Looking at a world
    Of pride and hate
    Gave Himself for us
    Without a flicker
    So that we could have
    A different fate.

    Chorus; Oh Jesus, You died for me
    Oh Jesus, You set me free
    Oh Jesus, Come close to me
    Thank You for saving my life.

    How can we reject
    What You’ve done for us
    Putting out of mind
    Your sacrifice
    Going our own way
    While You stand crying
    See the tears a flowing
    From Your eyes.


    Help us to renounce
    Our thoughtless striving
    Give it all to You
    Who wants to know
    Every little thing
    We gladly hand You
    Just like sheep, to follow
    Where You go.


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  3. mzpresser says:

    So nice to meet you and thanks for the follow, I am excited to follow your blog as well. Strangely enough as God works, God has been speaking to me through the concept of one tree standing strong so when I saw your blog I was so taken aback! I am actually in the midst of writing a book and the cover art features a singular tree in the middle of a mangrove. Crazy! How cool is God!

    • Wow!!! awesome!!! If we let ourselves be carried away and are open to thinking of life in the spiritual level we realize there are NEVER any coincidences. I would love to read your book when published–I have a thing for trees too, for now i’ll be very happy to read your posts 🙂 God Bless! And thanks for following my blog~~

  4. Hi Paula!

    We are an online publishing company, and we run a monthly writer feature on our blog called “Story of The Month”- We would love to feature you and your piece “Zuri”. If you’re interested in working with us, please check us out and give us an e-mail! Thanks very much!

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