The Song in my Head

I am–at last–learning to drive.

I am learning in a little silver-colored 2003 Hyundai Accent–our family car. My dad sits in the passenger’s seat sipping his breakfast shake while I drive. My hair is wild because it’s too early in the morning for me to care about my appearance. I am wearing shorts and sandals.

Our car has no radio or CD player; nothing at all to produce music, so as we go about cruising the residential streets of my modest neighborhood, we go about in silence. We talk a little, complain about the sun hitting our faces, and he gives me general instructions and tips on where I am to turn, as well as points out the occasional cat.

The song in my Head is The City Harmonic’s Manifesto, and as we drive into the perfect sunshine I am thankful just to be alive.

I am Paula. 26 years young, and my life is full of uncertainties–a college degree but no permanent job, in a veritable wasteland when it comes to romantic relationships, my savings are not too bad but only because I live with my parents (and that’s ok by me). By all of the world’s standards I am somewhat of a failure. What happened to the promising writer and artist of my High School days? What of the brilliant university student who was among the top two of her graduating class? Nothing, really. No tragedy or accident took place to derail my life–thank God. This is just life–the unnexpected. So today instead of being frustrated by my lot I am simply thankful this morning because the one I love gently woke me up and filled my mind with reminders that he loves me and he is THERE.

I am learning to be patient and wise. I am learning to persevere. I am learning some hard truths that I would not have learned if I had continued working where I was. I am seeing the goodness of God by the way he is making me grow and learn to trust in him completely. The song fills my head as we drive. I don’t need a radio or to be in church to praise God. So I suprise my father when the song in my head becomes the song in my lips.

We believe in the One True God
We believe in Father, Spirit, Son
We believe that good has won

And all of the people of God sang along:
Amen Amen Amen

God is good ALL the time.

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