If It’s Not Too Late To Say It

I woke up at the same time as always and almost immediately got started on the cooking. While stuff was in the oven Liz and I drove to Vons, Fresh & Easy, and CVS to buy stuff we needed for those fattening desserts we just have to have. We returned and ate a good breakfast. Worked some more in the kitchen afterwards—it was a very busy morning.

And then while chopping a cup of pecans in the kitchen I was reminded of it….

In previous years we would get up early. Earlier than usual. We would quickly shower, dress for church, and went to the special Thanksgiving morning service at our church where many—almost all—of the families gathered to have a special Thanksgiving service: we would sing, pray, share testimonies—all thanking God for his wonderful mercies. Then we would think about breakfast (which by the way, was simple fare, but the bread broken was eaten with joy in the fellowship of our church brothers and sisters). And only until later would we think about preparing for the evening meal.

I think I’ve gotten comfortable in recent years. There’s been many changes as to the circumstances of life: almost all of them have been for the good. And yet, the more I have, the less thankful I’ve been. I am ashamed of this. I remember my humbler past when I would recognize that everything I had was a blessing from God—and nothing was a given, nothing came from a well-paying job or as result of a good college education like it is now. Everything–like today–came from your hand.

There was uncertainty—where would we get our food from and our rent money if one of my parents wasn’t working? Where would I find the money to pay for my education? When life was more uncertain, when I had “less”, I had more. I had a firmer trust in God, and was more conscious of him, and more willing to share with others what he had done in my life.

So Father. If it is not late to say it.

Thank you.

For the home I live in, the jobs you give us to make sure that we lack for nothing when so many are in want. For my family. For my health. For everything I am, and for everything I can ever hope to be. For leading me my whole life with love and mercy.  For the knowledge that you will be with me for ever. For the knowledge that you will never cease to love me, and for your son Jesus Christ.

Thank You.

Thank You, Father.




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