Already Morning

…Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning (Psalms 30:5)

Yesterday I had a very, very long day. Up at 5, at work by 8, lunch, and then work some more to prepare for an evening event, managing aspects of the event, and cleaning up after event, ‘till 11pm. Went to bed a few hours later, “forgetting” to remove my makeup.

Luckily, today is Sunday, so I was able to sleep in for a few extra hours. But for any adult who works or studies hard all day, and goes off to bed mentally and physically exhausted, the arrival of morning is at times not eagerly anticipated. We wish for a few extra hours of sleep. Holidays are down times devoted to spending half the morning in bed. We don’t really look forward to the next day. How else do we explain our snooze buttons?

I distinctly remember an event in my childhood. Well, if you can call it an event. I went to bed after having played a lot, slept dreamlessly to the sound of falling rain, and woke in the middle of the night, clear-headed, tired of sleep, overly comfortable and much too warm.

I shared my bed with my sister (who is a light sleeper), so I stayed still, very still. But my thoughts wandered wildly. In fact, the longer I stayed awake the more my thoughts roamed, and the more impatient I became for it to be morning. It seemed that hours passed. No, that whole days had passed ….in fact, I began to entertain a notion that the sun had forgotten to rise. I worked myself into a mental frenzy. What if the earth had fallen from its orbit and the sun was now way beyond the reach of earth? Would I never again see the gentle, cold, rays of sunlight (My childhood memories are full of cloudy days, and rainy days, and cold-winter sunlight days) streaming into our house through the large windows?

When we are children, every day holds a new surprise, a new thing to be learned. New experiences—however small. We leap from bed, casting the cumbersome covers aside, eager for the day’s activities.

What happened since then? Aren’t we supposed to feel the Joy coming in the morning? Aren’t we supposed to wake up and give a heartfelt prayer to God thanking him that night has passed?

If it is because I dread going to that job, then maybe it’s time to invest more of my energy in projects that will make me eager to be up and running.  If it is because I am tired, then I need to evaluate which are the day activities that I need to cut from my schedule and fill that time with meaningful and wholesome activities that won’t drain me emotionally, physically, or mentally. Mostly, though, it is because I think I have lost touch of what made life so joyful—the way I saw it when I was a child.

I want to make sure that this week I will be on the lookout for new surprises. If it is not surprises going my way, then making sure that someone else gets a pleasant surprise. I want to make sure that I will learn something new, enjoy something beautiful, and make sure that I don’t saturate life with things that do not add meaning or worth to my days.

2 thoughts on “Already Morning

  1. Rivera says:

    Great observation. When we were young (children) we enthusiastically sought and looked forward to all the joys and magic that the day’s surprises brought.
    But, sadly, as adults we no longer hold that enthusiasm.
    We must actively seek the magic and joys of our days. Much too much trouble for today’s mentally exhausted society.
    God does provide them as adults, just as when we were children. We just don’t seem to recognize them.
    If all of us would open our hearts to what God provides for us throughout the day.. there would be found all the joy and magic for us to behold.. and enjoy. Just as when we were young.
    After all… we all are still “God’s Children”..!!
    Great post… God Bless….

  2. How right, you are, Carl. Since I wrote this I have been pleasantly surprised by life–even a quiet one such as mine has many things that I can look forward to if I only bother to stop and LOOK at what God is telling me to look. It’s magical, as a friend of mine would say. 🙂

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