I Should Have Loved You More

Do you know of regrets? I do.

I know of them because I have some in my life. I regret having lost a precious friend. I regret not being true to my convictions in the past. I regret not having had the courage to speak my mind when it counted most. I regret the opportunities I didn’t take, the things and people I didn’t fight for, and not having said and shown my love for others who are now gone.

About a year ago, I wrote a song for my grandmother to try to mitigate the feelings of intense loss that I felt when she died. This sorrow was not entirely because of her death—I know she rests in Jesus Christ and I will see her one glorious morning. The pain was because of an intense regret I felt: I didn’t love her enough, cherish her enough, or show my appreciation to her enough—not nearly enough.

So for your sake, love the people around you more. Do you see that they need help? Do you see that someone needs a word of encouragement, a prayer, or the gift of your time? Do something about it. Do it now.


At the end of this earthly journey called Life, do you know who I would regret not having loved enough? Regret to such an extent that I would want to die right on the spot and be covered by the stones of the crumbling mountains?


Oh, I’ve given him the best of me, I want to say. I’ve given him the best years of my life,  my time, the energy of my youth, my monetary resources. Meager as they may have been to others, I willingly gave them to him for his service and for the advancement of his Kingdom.

But being this busy, running around trying to fit church activities around a busy schedule—have I had the time to love my Savior enough? Would I be able to meet his eyes and meet the brightness of his countenance with joy?

I know the answer too well…I have not loved him enough, sought him enough, or spent time alone and in prayer with him enough—not nearly enough.

One day the eastern sky will be filled with light; our triumphant Savior will return in indescribable glory. On that day, may we not have reason to say to him…

I should have loved you more.

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